8 Kids Cartoon Characters Reimagined As Villains

Here are 8 popular kids cartoon character as villains. Cartoon is one thing most of us have in common, we grow up watching them and they sometimes help with how we think. One thing most cartoon has in common is that if you do good you will get good in return. 


As adult we can look back on most of these and agree that they fill us with mostly positive emotions and laughter. As kids we never notice fear from most of the villains. 

Whats your thought if your favorite kid’s Cartoon character become a villain? The scooby gang become some low life gang, or one of our favorite princesses like Cinderella decided to become evil. 

1. Dark Aladdin and warrior princess Jasmine

Artist Via @warrickwongdesign

Aladdin and princess Jasmine  in a whole new world

2 . Evil Queen Elsa

Via Art via pushfighter – DeviantArt.

One of our newest Disney princess. We all know her as a girl who didnt accept who she was because she feared her own power. The love of her sister help to shape who she became and to accept and love herself. 

What if her sister didnt exist? the love she felt wasn’t there and she went down the dark path?

3 . Snow White

Art via pushfighter – DeviantArt.

Not our beloved snow white. Snow white was force to leave her home and went into hiding by the Evil Queen, the have a sleeping curse cast on her after eating a poisoned apple. During all that snow white was still a sweet girl with a kind heart but what if she was broken by all those pain? and become as cold as her name? 

4 . SpongBob

What if goofy spongbob didn’t get a work from Mr Crab doing the only thing he love and maybe good at? What if he decided to team up with plankton. 

5 . The Powerpuff Girls

Art via TunetiaDA24 – DeviantArt.

The powerbuff girls we born sugar spice and everything nice but what if that extra ingredients was too much? making the girls who has super power to just go all evil since they would be superior with super abilities.

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