Loren Grey

Loren Grey
Loren Grey

Loren Grey YouTube personality from Pattstown.

Her Full Name? Did you know her full name is Loren Grey Beech? mmm why did she remove the beeech? 

Well She said it sounds better, but I just think the “Beech” is too much xd. 

Originally from Pottstown, Pennsylvania but now lives in LA. The popular choice of place to live when you some fame. 

She created her back in the days, 2015 that is . 

She is only 16 ( the time of this post 2019) she drop out of school and move to LA, she said it was a easy decision as you know we have deal with some type of mean kids in school or just jealousy.

She has 6 Instagram account, I can only get  5 smh. Even her dogs has more followers than I do.

She has lots of followers on social media. 

She is a Disney fan so am I. 

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