Quarantine Haircut Is a Thing Now So Just Accept It

With Everything that’s going on in the world and all this social distancing, going to the barber wont happen anytime soon, so these brave men decided to take the risk and do cut there own hair but this is the result.

sometimes you find the most amazing funny stuff and buzz-bee will always be here to share it with you

The Mushroom Haircut

quarantine haircut

The almost got it right haircut

quarantine haircut

The thats most be a sea sponge haircut

quarantine haircut

The Drive true

The Im Bored so ill try anything haircut

The Two road to hell are just take the bush haircut

The I dont Give a damn but im cool bro haircut

all i can say is dont try this at home

The Mom Revenge haircut

The Vision from up above haircut

The My Girlfriend cut my hair style

The Doy Cut My Hair and its no Jokes

all the way true

The bang you need

When Your wife cut your hair

Just take some from the back haircut

ill never try this again hairstyle

all Sides cut and cool

making a statement

i dont know what im doing but its all good

just leave some at the front

kids do it better

ask me later

just what i was looking for

its my real hair

all that and i didnt get it streight

i was drunk when this happened

i asked for a haircut, you didnt of to style it too

the coolest thing ever

this is why we all need friends

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