10 People with Shocking Body

Everyone has their own uniqueness and beautiful in their own way. Some people are more unique than others and this help them to stand out in any crowd. 

Unusual big hands, long nails, long lashes, big feet etc. We want to share some of the most out standing ones we have found. 

Enjoy this Buzz Bee List

1 . Sajad Gharibi, a real-life Hulk from Iran

Via , iranian hulk

2 . The Gentle Giant: Huge Hands

Forearms that are 19 in (48 cm) long!



3 .You Jianxia is the lady with the longest eyelashes!

4 . Jyoti Amge from India is the world’s shortest living woman 

5. Sultan Kösen from Turkey, the world’s tallest man

Via @sultankosen47

6 .Mehmet Özyürek has the longest nose that measures at 3.55 in (8.8 cm).


7. Maxwell Day has the world’s most flexible feet. Wow He can turn his feet 157° on his right foot and 143° on his left. That is pretty amazing !

8 . The guy with Cat Eyes, he is from Nepal with pretty rare cat eye syndrome. 

© rataktaktaruken / reddit

9 . The longest fingernails belong to Lee Redmond from the US. Her nails grow a whooping 2’11″ (90 cm) long


10 . John Ferraro has a super strong skull, he can even can bend metal or break concrete over his head

Via @hammerheadjohnferraro


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