Cardi B’s Gown Steals The Show At The Met Gala 2019

Among all the celebrities who flaunted there beautiful and creative outfits at Met Gala 2019, you cannot miss what Cardi B the famous rap singer was dressed in Met Gala 2019. Her outfit stole the limelight yesterday.

She was dressed by Thom Browne, Cardi B was dressed in blood-red  gown and steals the show Met Gala. Her dress was really made for that dramatic entrance and showcase her bold personality.


“According to Vogue, Cardi’s custom Thom Browne gown extended outwards in concentric circles for about ten feet and was made from tulle and silk organza and filled with down”. If that wasnt dramatic enough, the dress was also hand-embroidered and decorated with 30,000 burned and dyed coque feathers.

Browne states that his inspiration for the gown was the female form:

“I designed this dress for Cardi specifically because she has the ultimate beauty in a woman’s body, and that is what the dress is about for me: taking advantage of that beauty.”

Also The look reminds us a bit of Riri iconic 2015 Met Gala look designed by Guo Pei. Thought the Riri didn’t attend Gala this year. 

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