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Cheap Travel Destinations in the US

We know traveling can cost money but we also want to visit new places and make new memories. Traveling is fun but you dont want to have to break the bank to have a good time. Traveling to the US can be more expensive compare to other detonations in the world.

To help you planned your next trip us at Buzz Bee has gather cheapest travel destinations in the us.

1. Glacier National Park

A favorite destination for hikers, so if your a nature lover this will be a blast.



2. Cheap travel destinations in the us : Pompano Beach, Florida

 Pompano Beach, otherwise known as “the Heart of the Gold Coast.” Affordable hotels stay, enjoy the sea breeze and stretch of golden sand. If you are a water lover this is a go.

3. Williamsburg

If you are a history lover or just want to step back in time be sure to visit Williamsburg. Some of the things you could do/see while in Williamsburg are: Jamestown Ferry , Take a Scenic Drive, hike, visit U.S. Army Transportation Museum

4. Grand Canyon

If you are looking for cheap travel destinations in the US it doesnt get any cheaper than camping. Overnight campground rates range from just $12 to $50 per night.

5. Cheap Travel Destinations in the US to see Salt Lake City

Salt lake City is one of Utah’s capital city biggest attraction. Be sure to do some hike and sight seeing White Pine Lake , Lake Blanche, Willow Lake.

6 . Las Vegas

Staying at a casino can be very cheap, the whole family can have a good time. Just dont go gambling and you will save a ton. Enjoy the hotel’s theme park and more. Be sure to take advantage of the fee attraction the city has to offer.

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