Makeup Trends We Low-key Cant Stand

There are some looks we see everywhere because they are trendy. We choose these unflattering looks because they are all the rage but we low key wish they would just die.

1. Glitter Overload

Why would you want to full your face with glitter? Not ebcause a celebrity may be all for it its a thing such as too much!

2. Ridiculous eye brows

There are so many weird eyebrow trends its ridiculous, I think this one below is doing the squidward you have some others such as Christmas brow, bling brow all just stupid.


Having decent layered of foundation is ok but when its so thick and all up in your hair and face its a hot mess.

4. Oversized Lashes

Fake lases enhance your look but the oversize ones are just messy. Its ok for celebrity doing it for entertainment values but for a practical day to day life its just over the top.

5. Dark and Opaque Smokey Eyes

Just rubbing on black eye shadow around your eyes inst the best look right now. Smokey eye is one thing when done right brainlessly rubbing black eye shadow is not the best choice.

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