10 Of The Most Rare Things You Will Ever See

Most of the time we only see the most regular things. Ever so often we see something that only a few will ever see. If you are super lucky you may come across something super rare.

Buzz-Bee love unque things.

#1 An albino in India

© Gerry Huber / National Geographic  

#2 “This bicolor sunflower I grew”

© VonClawde / reddit  

#3 White Peacocks

#4. “A rare sunset phenomenon called a split sunset, in North Carolina”

© sabskrmn / reddit  

#5 These Rainbow Eucalyptus

Photo Via:

#6 This eye color

© doktorplayer / reddit  

#7 A rare sight of a 65-foot-tall Lava Dome in Hawaii

© J.B. Judd  

# 8 Red Banana (Australia)

red banana

# 9 A tree that look like it has eyes

© Renneth / reddit  

#10 Living Rock: Pyura chilensis (Chile and Peru)

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