Bedroom Decor For Teenage Girl

Bedroom Decor For Teenage Girl

The teenage girl’s bedroom is important and most teens spend most of their time in their bedroom. Teens can be very demanding so we have gathered some of the best modern bedroom decor ideas for teenage girls.

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You can get your teenager involved after all it will be her sanctuary so should be designed with her taste in mind. A general rule to follow is more storage, a study place with good lighting, and should be stylish.

Gorgeous bedroom for Twins

Bedroom Decor  For Teenage Girl

Beautiful and elegant design, soft colors, bright room, gold mirror, and enough rooms for your teen to enjoy. Beautiful 12 year old bedroom ideas girl to transition well into teenage years.

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Calm Teen Room Design Ideas

Bedroom Decor  For Teenage Girl


When being safe, choosing lighter colors usually works for teenage girl room.

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Bow Pillow

Fun Cottage Style

This fun bedroom has amazing colors and decor.  This design has soft pastel walls, a mix of floral and gingham fabrics. A Desk that can be used both as makeup vanity or homework space.


Study Closet

Bedroom Decor  For Teenage Girl

Functional study place, turning a closet into a study space. This design is beautiful and smart if you need room for a desk.


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Luxury Dreamy Teen Bedroom Idea

Pink Bedroom Decor  For Teenage Girl

This is a dream bedroom for any girl and a teen who would really love this, it is perfect!!. The pink and white make this bedroom the real dream keeper.



The rug has multiple colors to choose from

Sleep Tight Bedroom decor idea for teen girl

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The Light and the warm pink make this room instantly cozy for your teen.


Princess Teen Bedroom Idea

Modern look to a teenage princess room idea. Decorate with bed canopy, delicate colors, and the large windows let lots of lights in.

Image :


Yellow Teen Girly bedroom Idea

Painting with soft color on op and bright color at the bottom give your room a softer look. The bedding, walls, and curtain go really well together.


Turquoise and Cream White Bedroom Decor For Teenage Girl

Bedroom Decor  For Teenage Girl

Turquoise, coral and cream white go with each other so well and will make most teen girls really happy. These colors are every girl’s favorites so you are pretty much safe. The window seat, turquoise platform bed, and wallpaper.

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

Storage is important and even more so in a small room. The colors look really well together and

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