Before and After Pics Showing People Young Duckling to Swan

ugly to pretty

Sometimes you don’t feel right in your own skin and want to look better. These people didn’t just dream they took action and change their appearance. They have different technique to reaching their persoanl goals, true inspiration.

Buzz Bee wants to share with you these 15 awesome people. They have the time and patience to make a change and they motivate others to do the same.

“Changed my hair, got contacts, cleared my skin, and lost some weight :)”

spring9919 / Reddit 

In her 20s vs 30


From 21 to 23 I’m so happy with the changes, weight, hair, better makeup goes a long way!


“bullied so badly I developed a severe eating disorder that almost ended my life and had to drop out of school for a time”


9-19 finally learned how to part my hair to the side in those 10 years!

simmshadyy / Reddit  

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