How To Train Your Dog Easy Commands In Just 14 Days

Although there are many online tips about training your dog and yes lots of books. These may require both research or money and sometimes leave you totally frustrated. How to train your dog the basic commands by yourself can be free.

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Dog Training Benefits

how to train your dog

The reward for training your overweight the initial effort. Dog trainers understand how difficult it can be some dogs more than others.

Training a dog the basic commands and house breaking command. This is not only useful for talking early obedience in young pups. This can help eliminate future behavioral issues.

Closer bond with your dog

Statics shows dog owners who have to help their dog learn new tricks create a stronger bond. Having a dog more relaxed, obedient, trained to respond easier and makes a happier experience for both trainers and dogs.

Social, friendly dogs

Your dog will run into other dogs every now on then rather its on walks or around the neighborhood. We dont want then barking or fighting with random dogs.

how to train your dog

5 Dog Training Tips That All Dog Owners Can Do

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1 . Training Your Dog To Sit

This is usually one of the easiest and first training commands to teach your dog. Usually, this is so simple a child can do it. Remember to hold tasty treats close to your dog’s nose.

Obtain tasty small treats because you will be giving your dog many treats during this moment. If you don’t have treats you can use healthy human food that is also good for your doggy.

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Be sure to get your dog’s full attention this is accomplish by standing or sitting in front of your dog and they facing you directly.

Show the dog the treat. If your dog tries to jump for the treat firmly say no and put the treat behind you. The dog will be curious now how he will get the treat from you and that moment you know you have his full attention.

Keep the treat low to his head but help guide him to sit down with our hand on his head. Allow the dog to follow the treat with his nose, their head goes way back until he is sitting on the ground.

Say sit as the dog sit reward him with a treat. You can repeat the word a few times before giving the dog the treat. Expert suggests you give the dog time to figure out the puzzle instead of treating him right away.

Praise your dog: let the dog know he is a good boy, rub his head, and treat him. This will help the dog understand that he has done something good. Continue to do this every time your dogs complete a sit action.

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2 . Training Your Dog To Stay

how to train your dog to sit

After your dog has mastered the sit command its time to move on to the stay command. Teach your dog the commands to sit and what word to move.

Sit with your dog or stand beside him. Start by tossing the treat on the floor in front of your dog and say the release word as he steps towards it.

Do this a few times and this will teach the dog what word is the word to move forward to. Now get your dog to stay sitting for a few more seconds before tossing a treat.

Repeat this a few more times.

As time goes on start giving more distance.

how to train your dog

3 . How to Teach a Dog to Lay Down

This can be taught in similar way as the sit command. Wait for your dog to lay down reinforcing the behavior by giving him a treat.

Give him the release cue to stand back up. Right before he is laying down you can start by saying lay down as he does.

You can also help lure the dog to the floor by holding a treat to his nose and bring it down to the floor.

Keep saying down as he follows your signal, gives the dog the treat when he reaches the floor. Be patient with your pup and keep doing this a few more times.

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4 . Training Your Dog To Come

How to train your dog, sit with your puppy and use his name or the word come. Each time you say come or the dog’s name gives him a treat.

This probably one of the easiest training as most animals learn to come when they hear their name.

So keep repeating this, each time you call out for your puppy to come/name give him a treat. Make this a fun experience for you and your puppy by adding more movement as time goes on.

Practice this a few time daily and be sure to praise and give dog treats.

5. How to Train Your Dog To Leave It

This is a basic command that will keep your dog safe

To get your dog to leave something alone get two sets of treat one you know your dog loves and other not so much.

Broken up the treats in small pieces so your dog wont take two long to eat it.

Put both lower and higher value treats in different hand, create a fist allowing your dog to sniff.

While your dog is sniffing keep saying leave it and wait until he finish sniffing.

Say yes and reward your dog with higher value treat

Keep repeating this process until your dog immediately stops sniffing your hand when you say “leave it.”

Only give your dog treats when he stop sniffing your hand.

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how to train your dogs

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