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Funny Selfie Background Fails

Selfie is a part of our culture and its here to stay we love them. When you feeling cute you may want to take a selfie instead of relying on someone else camera. Although we live in a culture where documenting every moment of our life is great for social media. We should think before we post them because they can go ina total different direction than we first intended.

I know Voldemort is in the background

Who say it was a mde up story, we now have proof.


Would be more funny if this was his mom

This was a wait till you see it moment, is it his mom or girlfriend.



What is this, spider or what?

She didnt see it

Snoty nose this is quite funny.

My oh my

Selfie Background Fail

Ok what is this weird girl doing

When will they learn lol

Look before taking selfie next time

That Mirror Reflection Selfie Background Fails

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