Grey Hair Trend: Young Women Are Dyeing Their Hair Gray

gray hair trends

Gray is is no longer for older people, everyone is doing it and we love that. We love this beauty movement these women are pushing. Women around the world are showing that having grey hair can look as glamorous as any other colors.

Not sure how these trends became popular maybe women get fed up with the stereotype of growing out grey hair. These ladies are showing everyone old and young that they can rock silver hair.

Whether you are old are young this trend you can get into.

1 . Soft and Pretty

This look is beautiful and glamorous showing us how gray hair can really be.

Grey Hair Trend

2 . Exotic look

Grey Hair Trend

3 . The Ashy gray look

This look is one of the popular technique and great for women who dont want a regular root touch up.

Grey Hair Trend

4 . Ditch the dye and go gray

If you are going gray its time to embrace it with all the trends going on right now. You can fast track the process to fully gray hair with silver dye.

Grey Hair Trend

5 . Dark Roots and White ends

Dark roots,while hair and a hint of gold. This is beautiful and when done correctly its a real stunner.This may not be a diy job so get professional when attempting this look.

6 . Bright Color Lipstick with Grey Hair

The comfy messy bun , the hairstyle every girl do at least once or at home.

7 . Silver ponytail

Its even in the fashion run way, models are wearing this color a lot because its “edgy”. Take proper care of your silver hair with various shampoo and deep conditioner.

8 . Blue Hue

This trend been going on for many years now and surprisingly still going strong. If you are ever thinking of trying out the silver look there is still time. I dont see this trend going away any time soon.

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