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4 Best Litter Box Alternatives

Best litter box alternatives

Are you the owner of one or more cats? then you may be looking for cheaper litter box alternatives. These can cost a good $15 that doesn’t even last that long. Another problem these commercial boxes are sometimes the wrong height and size just not the right fit for our pets.

These are some cheaper alternatives to little boxes you can enjoy. These ideas you can try may be less expensive and multi-purpose. With these, you will be set on your way to even come up with other ideas as well.

Best litter box alternatives

Cardboard Box Best litter box alternatives

Best litter box alternatives

This is one of my cheapest alternatives because you can find them almost anywhere. I usually get these from the supermarket for free. Also, there is a good choice when you are looking for something that can be recycled easily.

You can find a cardboard box in any size and shape so that is a good plus. You can customize these boxes and make them comfortable. You can use plastic bags to help make it last longer as they acts as a shield.

Storage Containers Homemade litter box

If you have old storage containers laying around you can use them. Plastic containers are just good for storing things, including junk items. When you are done with these you can choose to do some do it yourself projects. The homemade litter box for your cat just cut a hole in one of the sides from the top to a level you desire.

Make sure the hole is big enough for your cat to use and you are done. If you have a container with a lid you can also use the top and make a hole in it. These will look like the more modern top entry kitty litters like these on Amazon.

DIY Box Best Litter Box Alternatives

Best litter box alternatives

A lot of people without experience are learning a new skill from youtube. You can learn woodworking skills online from professionals are your local area. You can build yourself a customized litter box using wood. The best part is this is not hard to do and you can finish it in a single day and it last forever.

I recommend this if you are really looking to save in the long run of things. Alternative to litter box such as this one will be sustainable.

The Disposable Litter Box

Best litter box alternatives

This is another litter box alternative although it’s commercial, they are not known by many people. These boxes are easily recycled which makes them better for the environment. The baking soda in these provides extra protection against odor. You can shop these on Amazon.

Now you know the best litter box alternatives for your cat to enjoy. These are a mix of cheap and more sustainable alternatives.

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