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15 People Who Know What It Means to Be Really Unlucky

1. Didn’t know the shop had a barber on tap

2. Well then

3. That is annoying

4. Mosquitos just love open back shirts

5. “Got a long crack in my brand new truck’s windshield, Safelite replaced it yesterday, rained last night and found out how good of a job they did.”

6. Guess I don’t actually own a queen size mattress

7. The owner of this shoe is not having the best day.

8. “And I was going to be early to work too…”

9. Kitchen cabinets decided to yeet themselves at 4 in the morning

10. “My hotel room comes with this view.”

11. Nope

12. This happened to my car today!

This happened to my car today

13. “This morning a bat crashed into my face and fell into my breakfast. He seemed fine”

14. After a few weeks I returned to my apartment

15. “A feather pillow exploded in my washing machine.”

Have you had days like these? Tell us about it.

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