Artist Gives Disney Princess a Whole New Twist

Disney Princesses are not usually seen as your everyday modern working woman. Instagram artist Astor Alexander mix beauty and a bit of dark together. Would you like to see Disney making these into movies? 

One of my favorite CW show was “Beauty & the Beast” 2012. So if Disney made these into more would be awesome.  Even though all of the princess still has their signature look they dont look as damsel in distress here. 

Snow White as the mafia boss and even the dwarf looks gangsta

Both ladies are being shown in such different light and its awesome

Beast Hunter, this concept is interesting. Would she eventually fall for this beast?

Jasmine looks like she is far away from home and in control.

Tiana yes Please

Ariel not just making waves in the Ocean

Cinderella looking as tough as her stepmom here.

Mulan looking good

Pocahontas as a private detective seems perfect.

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