People Whose Unique Appearance Made Them Famous

We still live in a time where people still dont always accept people being different. We want to showcase some of these people who was also called out for being different. What make them different is always what make them famous.

Winnie Harlow became famous after America’s Next Top Model host Tyra Banks discovered her on Instagram. Her unique appearance comes from vitiligo.

Shankar Jalota

Maeva Marshall, suffer second degree burn that later turn into freckles

Maeva Marshall

Ava Clarke, was born with albinism

Coraline Jouhier

“There are a lot of clichés about redheads in the black community,” she said. “When we moved to Paris…there were a lot of mixed-race people and I started to get compliments about my ‘look.’”

Kettelen de Jesus, Waardenburg syndrome that gives her beautiful blue eyes.

La Ostergren, The length of her legs is 3’5

Danielle Kroon, she was born with call heterochromia

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